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APRIL 2016

Switch Version 4

Multiple new features are included in this launch, all aimed at increasing accuracy, productivity, and providing you with visual tools that compliment your solar sales process. Over the next few weeks we’ll be following up with a series of blog posts, instructional videos, and other content to highlight significant features.

New Apps

Readiness for upcoming net metering changes.

Net energy metering (NEM) has been a critical driver in the growth of residential solar over the past decade. There are some significant changes to NEM in planning or rollout stages in some of the largest solar markets, such as California, Arizona and Hawaii. Genability Switch includes the impact of net metering in our savings calculations, and in Switch V4 we've included enhancements to fully support all the flavors of NEM that are rolling out or being considered.

Improvements in accuracy

Solar Tariffs - Make sure your proposals are accurate with smart solar defaults for tariff switching.

Solar & Energy Efficiency - Bundle solar & energy efficiency offerings in Switch.

Complex Minimum Rates - Your proposals always reflect the most recent tariff changes.

Refined Baselines - Intelligent baselining creates annual hourly usage profiles with as little as one utility bill.

New APIs

New API's - Savings Analysis Watch integrates directly into your quote tool creating real-time flags and alerts when savings analysis results are outside expected ranges.

Savings Analysis History allows you to instantly retrieve results from any savings analysis run after July 2015, view the results in your platform or in Dash.

Intelligent baselining leverages Genability’s expansive dataset to generate an 8760 consumption profile with as little as a single utility bill. This allows for accurate modeling of complex time-of-use tariffs without any additional information from your customers.

Read more on our blog.

We'd like to welcome the following new customers

Sunnova was looking for a technology partner with the leading solar savings tools and the most up to date tariff database. Sunnova uses Genability Switch in their Salesforce Quote Tool to accurately quote potential solar savings for their installer network.
Dividend Solar uses Switch in their installer quote tool. Local installers using Dividend's financing platform can accurately present savings throughout the US utilizing Genability's national tariff database and Switch APIs.
SolarNexus, a CRM provider to local solar installers, moved over to Genability Switch from another provider as they were looking for a more up to date source of national tariff data. SolarNexus's CRM platform runs on Genability Switch.